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Why am I unable to talk to all my customers?

There could be a number of reasons for this. Below are a few possibilities:

- They do not fall within the target group (e.g. lapsed customers).

- The customer has not ordered from you before.

- They are not an active customer (customer that has not ordered within the last 12 months).

- The customer has opted out of receiving communication from your brand.

- The customer has already been contacted by you or another restaurant within the past 7 days.

- They may form part of the control group which is randomly selected for reporting purposes.

- The customer last ordered from a different restaurant.

- The customer has received communication from the same brand in the last 60 minutes.

- The customer has received messages from the same brand in the past 7 days.

- The customer has opted out from receiving communication.

- The customer is not part of the cohort.

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