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How do I know if I activated the campaign successfully?

Once you have activated the campaign, a pop up will appear to congratulate you for kicking off the campaign. It will include the start date. 

Another place to review the campaigns is on the “Active campaigns tab” or “Completed campaigns tab” on the main screen of Engage. 

Please give this information 1-2 hours after the campaign has launched to display the information. 

  • If you are running a voucher campaign - your restaurant will absorb the cost of the discounted amount.
  • YUMBI will not charge for a discount voucher redemption.
  • The only time you will be charged for a voucher is if it were a PAYMENT voucher.
  • YUMBI will only charge an order commission on the discounted amount.
  • It is always very important to familiarize yourself with the Terms and Conditions for the campaigns you are running
  • You can only communicate with the same customer twice in 6 days or once per hour.
  • If you would like to see a particular campaign loaded, please chat with your Franchise Manager. Your FM will brief it to the marketing team for consideration and then instruct YUMBI to load it to Engage IF it has been approved.

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