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How do I opt-out from YUMBI marketing SMS messages?

Consumers can be communicated with via Engage. Occasionally you may receive a request to OPT-OUT a consumer from marketing messages with SMS. 

Note that a consumer cannot opt-out from transactional messages by SMS (e.g. order confirmations and One Time Pin-requests as these are not marketing SMS's).

YUMBI is compliant with communication legislative bodies and therefore we allow a consumer to opt-out from marketing messages. A consumer can opt-out in 2 different ways:

1. Reply OPT-OUT to one of the SMS's received. That will automatically and immediately opt-out a consumer from marketing messages by SMS for the brand.

2. Reach out to customer care, Live Chat or a store. Requests can be submitted by clicking HERE.

YUMBI aims to fulfill these requests within 3 business days and will update the requester (someone on your team, not the consumer) whenever completed, or in the unlikely event that we could not complete the request due to a specific reason. That way, you can update your case and provide the consumer with an answer. Note that only requests completed with all the required information will be handled by the YUMBI Support Team. 

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