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Sales Mix Report - How do I view what is being sold online?

YUMBI Reports offers an itemized report that allows the user to view a breakdown of what items are being purchased through Website and App Channels as well as the Call Centre Platform. This is the Sales Mix report and gives the user great insight into the popularity of specific menu items as well as the quantity of these items being sold.

Here's a short video to help you get familiarized with the report. 

This report can be found on the left-hand Panel on the YUMBI Reports page. Under the Overview Tab, you can find this report named “Sales Mix” or by following this link to the report itself.

There are several filters that can be used when navigating this report. The four drop downs displayed below show these options. Type at the end refers to the Menu type you wish to view, such as Menu Items, Options or Both.

When filtering this report, the Brand you wish to view must be selected first before the report can populate. (See Figure 1)


Figure 1

Viewing this report without any additional filters included, the table of data will display an overview of all Items and/or Options that are available and offered by the store being filtered.

Below, we will break down each column of this table and what additional information can be found when navigating this report. (See Figure 2)

Untitled 2.png 
Figure 2

Menu Item:
This would be the specific item on the menu that can be selected, whether it is an item or an option. This column has additional information that can be accessed by selecting the Menu Item. You can click on the menu item name to find out more details. (Example A)

The Type column displays whether the item in the Menu Item column is a “Menu Item” E.g. Chips or an “Option“ E.g. Basting Type.

This column represents the menu category the Menu Item or Option falls into. E.g. If an item is a burger and falls into the burger category.
This column has additional information that can be accessed by selecting the Category listed.

This would be the title and type of menu the Menu Item or Option is a part of. E.g. Halaal or Generic. This column has additional information that can be accessed by selecting the Menu listed.
(Example B & C will be discussed Further)

This refers to the number of times this Item or Option was selected in the total sales.

% Quantity:
This would be the overall percentage of the specific menu items selection when sales were made.

Total Revenue:
This is the total revenue generated by the specific menu item and includes any extra items / upsells ordered with it.

% Revenue:
This would be the percentage of revenue the menu item generated.

Viewing Individual Menu Item Reports:

As shown in Figure 2, A marks the Menu Item column where the user can select individual menu items to populate a report dedicated to that specific menu item.

This report displays the performance of the selected menu item as well as an additional table of data showing what Options are selected with this item, the Volume of Sales and the Item Revenue generated. (See Figure 3)

Figure 3

Viewing Specific Menus or Categories:

As shown in Figure 2, B & C mark the Category and Menu column respectively. Selecting either of these columns’ contents will populate a new report with condensed data depending on the option selected.

B - Selecting the Categories column will display a Sales Mix report of all Menu Items that fall into the selected category.

C - Selecting the Menu Type Column will display all Menu Items that belong to that specific menu.

When selecting these columns, additional filter tags will be displayed at the top of this report displaying what and how the report is being filtered. Selecting the “X” next to these will remove the filter and the report will display unfiltered information.
(See Figure 4)


 Figure 4

The Grid Information can be exported for all of the varying data analysis and provides additional categories of information using the CSV Option.


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