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What do I do if the YUMBI GSM printer is not working?

Every restaurant registered on the YUMBI platform must have a YUMBI GSM Printer on the premises. This printer serves as a critical backup in situations where there is an integration with a POS system but communication between YUMBI and the POS fails. For restaurants without POS integration, the GSM printer becomes the essential device for receiving orders, acting as the primary mode of communication for both StoreFront and Switchboard orders. 

If you encounter any issues with your printer you can either complete this online Fault Report Form


If you’d like to report the issue you’re having with the YUMBI GSM printer directly to our Customer Support Team then please follow the steps below: 

  1. Please call our YUMBI Support Team on +27 31 940 0536.

  2. Our agents will send through a test order to determine what the issue may be.

  3. Once all troubleshooting has been done with a YUMBI Support Agent and the printer is deemed faulty;

    1. We send an email to the Franchisee for them to read and accept the terms and conditions of the printer collection.

    2. Once these have been accepted, we will send an email to RAM (courier company) to collect the printer.

    3.  Once we have received the printer we will check the printer.

  4. If we determine there is no issue with the printer, the Franchisee will be billed for all courier fees incurred during the swap-out process.

  5. If we determine there is an issue:

  • Negligence or mishandling of the printer, the Franchisee will be billed for all courier fees incurred during the swap-out process as well as the full cost of the replacement printer.
  • Negligence or mishandling of the printer includes but is not limited to the following - returning the printer without a box or bubble wrap, physical damage to the printer and or water damage.
  • If we determine that the issue has been caused by a manufacturer fault and the printer is still within the 1 year warranty period, The franchisee will not be billed for the printer but will be billed for courier fees associated with the swap-out process.

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