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What are the benefits of online ordering?

YUMBI is an online Platform using an internet-based suite of products to make life easier for both restaurants and their customers. It allows customers to remotely order from restaurants while in the comfort of their own homes or even from their work desk quickly and easily through either a custom-branded online ordering website or mobile application. This quick and convenient service means customers don't need to waste time waiting in queues or drain their airtime on unnecessarily long phone calls when placing an order with a restaurant.

In addition to providing customers with the ability to place their own orders through an online ordering channel, restaurants can also make use of the YUMBI Platform to efficiently capture call-in orders through YUMBI Switchboard.

The YUMBI platform:

  • Ensures that your restaurant satisfies customers’ growing demand for convenience and efficiency by always being available online.

  • Encourages customers to interact with your restaurant's menu, exploring up-sells in real-time, while placing their order.

  • Enhances your restaurant's operational efficiency by placing less responsibility on the front of house staff and shifting their focus to walk in customers.

  • Results in an increase of revenue for your restaurant - our reports have shown that customers who place orders at a restaurant online do so more frequently and spend more money than those who place their orders through traditional call-in channels.

  • Encourages repeat customer interactions and transactions - an efficient ordering experience will encourage your customer to return to your restaurant.

  • Improves order accuracy by placing the order responsibility on the customer.

  • Ensures your restaurant remains ahead of competitors by offering numerous ordering avenues.

  • Gathers valuable customer data and purchase behaviours.

Other key benefits:

The benefits listed below aid in minimizing the risk of wastage due to hoax orders and unknown delivery address locations: 

  • One Time Pin (OTP) verified customer online ordering profiles.

  • Point of Sale integrated and stand-alone ordering mechanisms supported. 

  • Real-time delivery address verification via multiple global mapping providers. 

  • Fully customisable delivery zone configuration (simple radii and complex shapes). 

  • Secure online payment interfaces and aggregated settlement service. 

  • Customer order status notification mechanisms via SMS and email. 

Benefits for the Customer:

● Improved visibility to restaurants specific menu offering.

● An empowered decision on customizations and upselling.

● Guaranteed receipt of order request.

● Better communication on the status of an order.

● Provide the ability to prepay for an order.

● Simplify the collection or delivery experience

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