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What is the YUMBI Platform?

We are YUMBI - a global software platform conceived in 2009 and geared to meet the online ordering and customer-engagement needs of retail food outlets. Our platform has a strong end-customer focus and includes online and telephone ordering, customer-relationship management, and marketing solutions. We integrate with a host of third-party providers, allowing brands to move and respond quickly.

Our technology is scalable and has a proven track record. We’ve processed over 20 million orders and are one of the largest food eCommerce providers in Africa. We’re proud to partner with some of Africa's top retail food brands and their outlets.

Our platform has been built with a strong focus on delivering an optimised, seamless user experience (UX). We continually strive to enhance the platform, driven by a desire to align to international best practice. Key customer-focused features include intuitive mobile apps, responsive websites, a smart store finder, real-time delivery tracking, and automatic address look-up. All of these combine to deliver a great brand experience.

At the heart of our offering is our dedication to creating real and meaningful value for our clients. Some of the tangible benefits we commit to delivering include: increased revenue through attracting new customers, increased order frequency, and increased average spend; increased margins through the ability to avoid aggregator costs; more satisfied and loyal customers, through delivering consistent experiences; simpler and better store operations through reducing complexity, errors, and fraud, as well as 'better' decision making that leads to better business results through real-time reporting and insights.

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