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What is PaySwitch?

PaySwitch is an online payment service that is designed to offer the best in competitive pricing, accreditations, and customer service; PaySwitch provides a single point of contact for seamlessly processing online payment transactions with reduced risk of financial liability and fraud.

Greater efficiency, hygiene, and security have driven many brands and their restaurants to embrace online ordering and prepayments. Whilst this is certainly a positive for both them and their consumers, hefty fees and multiple points of contact between banks and payment gateways can make the process an admin intensive and costly one. Thanks to PaySwitch none of these are a hassle. Make the switch experience seamless online payments with less of the fees, while reducing the financial risk and liability (for you and your customers) simply with PaySwitch.

What makes us different? 

  • We’re here to help: We facilitate all chargeback queries with customers and banks to take a little something off of your plate.
  • We’re secure and accredited: This means we’re TPPP Certified and PCI-DSS Level 2 Compliant. 
  • We have scale: Thanks to scale, our pricing is competitive, proving that we’re always looking out for your bottom line.
  • More favourable disbursement: Our disbursements are done on business days and in the exact amount that customers pay, all without deducting fees upfront.
  • A “zero interest” promise: We believe in total transparency, so no interest is ever earned on retained funds.

Why we’re any restaurant’s secret weapon:

1. Get set up and start receiving online payments faster. 

2. Less admin, chargeback queries, and financial reconciliations/reports. 

3. One point of contact instead of a bank AND a payment gateway. 

4. Lower financial risk of failure to collect or receive delivered food. 

5. Reduced risk of fraud by drivers and cashiers, resulting in fewer losses for the business. 

6. Less time handing over orders as payment has already been collected. 

7. All restaurants support pre-payments with consistency. 

8. Improved cash flow, with shorter retention of funds. 

9. Greater margin and fewer monthly fees than alternative 3rd parties. 

For more on how PaySwitch could help you deliver a more seamless managed payment experience, contact for more information on how to make the switch.

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