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Who is paying for the vouchers that were redeemed at my store?

YUMBI supports various voucher types that customers may redeem online. 

  • Payment Vouchers: These vouchers can either be sponsored by the Brand or a 3rd Party has purchased vouchers from YUMBI to give to their customers. These vouchers are treated as an Online Payment and will be paid out to your outlet in accordance with our Payment Schedule.
  • Discount Vouchers:  These are requested by outlets themselves, either through the YUMBI eVoucher Request Form (can be accessed via Engage) or via Restaurant Voucher Campaigns. Your Brand may also send out communication that includes Discount Vouchers.
  • Partially Settled Vouchers: These vouchers are made up of two types of vouchers, namely; Payment Vouchers and Discount Vouchers. The payment voucher amount will be absorbed by the Brand and will be paid out to your outlet in accordance with our Payment Schedule. The discounted voucher amount is the portion of the voucher that is not settled to the store, this amount will be absorbed by the restaurant. 
  • Wigroup: These voucher payments come directly from Wigroup. Should you have any queries regarding them, kindly contact Wigroup directly. 

Our Insight Portal will be able to provide information relating to any voucher that has been redeemed in your restaurant. To view all your in-store voucher redemptions, follow the steps below:

1. Log onto the YUMBI Insight Portal.

2. On the left navigation bar, select the vouchers tab.

3. Select your date range and select your voucher type.

NOTE: Payment vouchers are only available in South Africa for Selected Brands.

For any other queries, please feel free to contact our Support Team who will be more than happy to assist.

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