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How can I check which payment method was used to pay for an online order?

Customers have the option to pay online for their orders from outlets that have online payments enabled. Within South Africa, YUMBI is responsible for settling these funds into each nominated bank account for the outlet. 

The customer's payment method will always be displayed on the slip that prints out on the YUMBI GSM Printer or on the POS slip (where there is a POS integration). Customers may also refer to their Daily Report as well as YUMBI Reports to find this information.

Please refer to our online payment disbursement article to find out when the monies will be paid over to your account. You may do so by clicking Here.


YUMBI's Daily Cash-up report as well as YUMBI reports, within the Voucher Redemption Report section, will assist you with distinguishing which vouchers were redeemed. 

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