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How do I update my banking details?

YUMBI keeps banking details of each outlet on file for billing and payment purposes. It is up to the outlet owner to make sure that this billing information is correct at all times in order for payments to be processed correctly. Should an update/change need to be made to your banking details, the following steps need to be taken: 

1. An email request needs to be sent to the YUMBI accounts department:

2. YUMBI will send the outlet owner a banking amendment form via PandaDoc for signing.

3. The outlet owner will need to update their details and click the 'Finalize Document' button to submit their request. 

4. YUMBI will automatically receive a notification once the request has been finalized. 

5. YUMBI will make the requested changes within 48 hours of receiving the banking amendment form. 

6. YUMBI will notify the owner of the outlet once the banking details have been updated. 


  • Only the owner of the outlet is able to request these changes and complete the banking amendment form.

  • One nominated bank account must be used for receiving payments and collecting debit order amounts due to YUMBI.

  • Please make sure you are using Google Chrome or Firefox to complete this document. 

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