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How do I add a user to the Restaurant Level User Management feature?

The Restaurant Level User Management feature allows account owners to add new users and assign permissions to those users. 

You can watch this short video on how to add a new user or follow the instructions below:

To add a user, the account owner will need to log into their YUMBI Dashboard and then head to the User Management Panel. Then select Manage Users. (See Figure 1)


Figure 1 

 From here, at the top of the User Management page, the option to Add Users (See Figure 2) will be available to the Account owner. The Add User button can be selected to begin creating a new user. 

CC UM Add User 1.png 

Figure 2 

The first step when adding a new user to your user list is to provide the following information (See Figure 3)

  1. Users Email Address
  2. Username (This field is greyed out as the system automatically populates the email address as the username)
  3. First Name
  4. Last Name
  5. Mobile Number (Optional)


Figure 3 

After entering the user's details, the second step of creating a new user is assigning the necessary roles to the user.

A User can have more than one role assigned to their profile. The user has six roles available to them, selecting any of the following boxes will assign the role: (See Figure 4)

  1. Operations - This role gives the user access to issue refunds and enable/disable online ordering for your restaurant.
  2. Administrator - This role grants the user full access to the YUMBI Dashboard to operate the store by running campaigns, viewing the store’s reports, and utilizing the self-service features available to use.
  3. Restaurant - This role grants the user access to the self-service features available on the YUMBI Dashboard to view orders, deactivate/active delivery zones, and mark items out of stock.
  4. Restaurant Account Owner - This role grants full access to the self-service features available on the YUMBI Dashboard of the store. 
  5. User Management - This role gives the user admin powers to add, edit or remove users.
  6. Marketing - This role grants access to the Engage platform to launch marketing campaigns.

Figure 4.png

Figure 4 

Once all user information has been entered correctly and roles have been assigned, you must select the “Save” button at the bottom of this page to then save and add the user you wish to have created. When the user is saved, they will now appear on your User List. 

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