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Restaurant Level User Management Self-Service Feature

The YUMBI Dashboard User Management self-service feature grants restaurant account owners access to assign permissions by adding, editing, and removing users from the YUMBI platform and managing what access they have. The Restaurant Account Owner profile is created by YUMBI for the Franchisee of the respective restaurant/s.

Below is a brief explanation of the six different permissions each role has;

  1. A user with an Administrator role will have full access to the YUMBI Dashboard to operate their store by running campaigns, viewing the restaurant's reports, and utilizing self-service features available to use.
  2. A user with an Operations role will be able to issue refunds and enable/disable online ordering for your restaurant.
  3. A user with a Restaurant role will granted access to the self-service features available on the YUMBI Dashboard to view orders, deactivate/active delivery zones, and mark items out of stock. 
  4. A user with a User Management role will have admin powers to add, edit or remove users from the YUMBI Dashboard.
  5. A user with a Marketing role will have access to the Engage platform to run campaigns. 
  6. A user with a Restaurant account owner role will have full access to all self-service features available on the YUMBI Dashboard.

How to view the User List?

A user must first be assigned a Restaurant Account Owner role for the respective restaurant in order to access the User Management functionality in the YUMBI Dashboard.

Follow the below steps to begin using the User Management self-service feature:

  1. Log into the YUMBI Dashboard by clicking on the relevant YUMBI instance:

    South Africa:
    Côte d'Ivoire: 


    2. Ensure that the context is set to Restaurant and the respective outlet is selected(See figure 1).

RUM Overview 1.png 

Figure 1 

From the Users button,  select Manage Users (See Figure 2). 

RUM Overview 2.png

Figure 2 

A user list will open, displaying the users that have been assigned and currently have access to YUMBI functionality for the selected restaurant.

The user list includes the following information: (See Figure 3)

  1. First and Last Names
  2. Email Addresses linked to the user's account
  3. Their user name on the YUMBI Platform
  4. Their assigned roles
  5. Their last date of login 
  6. Finally, their account status, whether it is currently active or locked. User login will become locked after three failed login attempts with an incorrect password.

 RUM Overview 3.png

 Figure 3 

The User Management feature also allows the account owner to:

  1. Add Users (To learn How to Add Users click on this link to view the article)
  2. Edit Existing Users (To learn How to Edit Existing Users click on this link to view the article)
  3. Remove Users (To learn How To Remove Users click on this link to view the article)

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