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How do I view my Call Centre User Management user list?

The YUMBI Dashboard User Management feature enables Call Centre Managers to add, edit, and remove Call Centre agents and other managers from the YUMBI platform. Users assigned the Call Centre Manager role can access YUMBI Reports and manage Call Centre users directly from the YUMBI Dashboard. Meanwhile, users with the Call Centre Agent role are equipped to process customer orders for associated brands through the YUMBI Switchboard online ordering platform. 

How do I view my user List?

Here's a quick video to show you how to view your user list. Or you can read the instructions below.

A user must first be assigned a Call Centre Manager role for the relevant Call Centre in order to be able to access the User Management functionality in YUMBI Dashboard.

To begin using the User Management log into YUMBI Dashboard (

Ensure the context is set to Switchboard and the relevant Call Centre is selected.


From the Users button,  select Manage Users.

User M.png 

A user list will open, displaying the users that currently have access to YUMBI functionality for the selected Call Centre.

The user list includes the following information:

  1. First and Last Names
  2. Email Addresses linked to the user's account
  3. Their user name on the YUMBI Platform
  4. Their assigned roles
  5. Their last date of login 
  6. Finally, their account status, whether it is currently active or locked. A user login will become locked after three failed login attempts with an incorrect password.

CC UM User List.png

The User Management feature also allows the account owner to:

  1. Add Users - learn how to add users here
  2. Edit Existing Users - learn how to edit users here
  3. Remove Users - learn how to remove users here


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