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How do I request a new Out Of Stock item?

What if an item is not listed in the drop-down for Out Of Stock on the YUMBI Self Service Portal?

You can watch this short video that explains how to request a menu item to be added to the out of stock drop down list. Or you can read the instructions 

Do not worry! Our Support Team will assist you in a timely fashion. Here's what to do:

  1. Open up YUMBI Dashboard 
  2. Select your restaurant 
  3. Navigate to the Restaurant Tab in the panel on the left 
  4. Select Out of Stock
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and there is a text field that says “Is the item you need to mark out of stock not in the list?" Please request for it to be added. 
  6. Click Request
  7. A short form will come up for you to complete
    1. What is out of stock?
    2. Expiry (Days. Day 1: Tomorrow)
    3. Please list items to mark out of stock
  8. Then click request once done.

Once you’ve supplied all the above information, you will see all your requests in a table below the completed form. Please note our Support Team will need at least 24 hours to complete your request.

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