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How can I enable or disable my store?

As a franchisee you're able to turn your online store offline / online without having to contact YUMBI directly for assistance.

You can watch a quick video on how to enable/disable your restaurant here or you can continue to read the instructions below.


What does it do?

By toggling the field on or off you have the ability to change your online or offline setting. If you set your restaurant offline, you’re disabling the ability for customers to order online or via your YUMBI Powered Call Centre.

How do I do this?

  1. Log into the YUMBI Dashboard.
  2. Select your restaurant.
  3. Click on “Restaurant” situated on the left panel.
  4. Online Orders - On / Off.

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On = Provided your GSM printer and or POS is online: 

Restaurant is ONLINE and available for Online & Call Centre ordering.

Off = Regardless as to whether your GSM Printer and or POS is online or not: 

Restaurant is OFFLINE and unavailable for Online & Call Centre ordering.

SMS alerts

YUMBI will notify you when this feature is used by way of SMS and e-mail. The SMS  and email notification will be sent to any franchisee that has access to this restaurant via YUMBI Reports & Engage. 

In addition, the SMS will be sent to a call manager whose call centre is linked to this outlet. The SMS and email will be sent in the following format:
“Dear Franchisee, [StoreName] was updated to Unavailable on 14/05/2020 09:07 by this user [UserName].”

Should your notifications not come through via SMS or email notification, please do not hesitate to contact our YUMBI Support Team on

Report explanation

You are now able to view your Store Online Status via the YUMBI Reports Portal. You can do this by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to YUMBI Reports.
  2. Select “Store Online Status Report” using the left panel.
  3. Depending on your preference, you can filter the information according to
    1. All Statuses 
    2. Online 
    3. Offline.

Account Status: This information is related to the Self-Service portal and whether your restaurant is ON/OFF.
Should your restaurant be disabled for Online & Call Centre Ordering via the Self-Service Portal; the Status will reflect as Unavailable (irrespective of your GSM Printer and Or POS online).

Printer Status: Is related to your YUMBI GSM Printer.
If GSM Printer is turned off - Status reflects as OFFLINE.
If GSM Printer is turned on - status will reflect as ONLINE.

POS Status: This information is only relevant to outlets making use of the AURA POS.
If YUMBI receives a signal from the Aura POS status will reflect as Online.
If YUMBI can not receive a signal from the Aura POS status will reflect as Offline. 

For more information on your Aura POS online status, please refer to the AURA Support Portal by clicking HERE.


How do I change the recipients of the store status SMS notifications?
Every user who is listed as a franchisee for a store will receive these messages. You are welcome to request additional users to be listed as a franchisee for the store but note that every such person can incur significant cost on behalf of the store.

How do I add the ops manager of the store to receive notifications instead of me as the franchisee?
Every user who is listed as a franchisee for a store will receive these messages. It is not possible to add the ops manager of the store.

Will I be invoiced for the cost of these SMS notifications?
The SMS notifications are offered to the store free of charge.

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