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How do I order online through YUMBI?

Customers can use either a computer, smartphone or tablet to visit the restaurant's own custom branded online ordering website or mobile application built using YUMBI Software {YUMBI's StoreFront website and mobile apps}.

Once on the website or mobile application, customers can search for nearby restaurants by using either their physical street address, or by selecting which province and area they are currently located. By clicking on a restaurant located in the search results, the customer is presented with a digital version of the restaurant's menu, which they can view and interact with to build up a basket of food items from the menu that they would like to order.

When they're done building up their order, simply clicking on the checkout button will prompt a customer to login or register an account on the YUMBI Platform. This is a mandatory requirement to help minimize the probability of fraudulent orders being placed at a restaurant, as well as to ensure that an accurate order history can be saved for each customer.

After logging in, the customer needs to confirm whether they would like to place their order for collection or delivery, as well as to select which payment option they would like to use to pay for their order. They are also given an opportunity to include any special instructions for the restaurant, before selecting the Place Order button to automatically submit their order directly to the restaurant via the internet.

Please click on the below link to view how a customer typically places an order online:

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